Offering Our Prayers

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Thank you for taking the time to see how prayer can make a difference. St. Andrew covets your prayers.  We are a praying people and can only be stronger and better with more and more joining together in conversation with our Creator.  Do not worry about the hows or lengths or forms of prayer, our God is listening...and speaking.  If you wish to know more about prayer, please come and see us on Sunday morning, ask our pastors or sign-up for a class on praying.  In the mean time, here are a few matters we can all bring before God...

  • May we have the courage to bring the hope of resurrection, reconciliation, and restoration to the oppressed, downtrodden, & marginalized in our communities,
  • May we give thanks to God for the blessings of His creation, common graces, and relationships,
  • May the gospel be spoken clearly from St Andrew people with a light which shows both the truth and love of a Christ who desperately desires to break through every darkness,
  • May we confess the ways in which we fail daily to live up to the example of Christ's love and compassion,
  • May we lift up all authorities for the guidance of God's will and truth - (world leaders, our president, our governor, our congressmembers, our state capitol representatives, our local government),
  • May we live with grace to all people, knowing our salvation comes Christ and acting in accord with John Wesley's principles:  
  1. Do no harm
  2. Do Good.
  3. Stay in Love with God.
  • May we remember and truly see our neighbors, so we can be present to them,
  • May we lift up and hear when God calls us to be the church's hands and feet to those whose bodies, minds, and spirit may be failing,
  • May our hearts break over the suffering from violence, slavery, needless shortages, and natural disasters around the world,
  • May we celebrate with and be present to all who are returning to school this fall.
  • Amen.

For more specific prayer requests, please join us in one of our Sunday morning services as we lift these up as one body.

If you wish to have a deeper and more regular prayer life, please check out this daily office.

Thank you for your prayers, we could not go where God sends us without them.