Helping Out Our Brookston Neighbors

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Brookston in state of emergency...
Hope you weathered last night's storm.  While we needed the rain, it's heartbreaking to see the news and hear of those who sustained damage, are without power and have a monumental task of cleaning up and then repairing.  Prayers for Bonnie and Dave Wagner who sustained damage to their property in the overnight storm. 
Donna has been in contact with Red Cross who is manning a shelter for about 50 families at the Federated Church in Brookston. They could use wrapped snacks for shelter guests as well as Gatorade and juices. They also need breakfast food—cereals, granola bars, doughnuts, etc. for tomorrow morning.
If you would like to help, please take donations to the St. Andrew church and Pam Robertson will see that it gets to Brookston.  
Another way we can help the Brookston folks is with clean-up. Our own members, Dave and Bonnie Wagner have immediate need of some roof repair before it rains again. Can anyone help them? If so, contact the church and let us know. They have a shed that is down and needs to be cleaned up as soon as the insurance company gives them the go-ahead.  Nathan Biehl and his family live near the area and he personally knows of several folks who have trees in the yards, on their houses and on their cars. There is a great deal of work to be done. Let the church know if you can be a part of team to help clean up Brookston. We are in contact with the Emergency Management in White county but have yet to be directed to the way we can best assist. We will gather names of willing folks and the tools they have to share when they work and then put them in the best place to assist when we know where that is.
Thank You!!