I Can Do That

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God is real. He is not just someone I read about. He lives in my heart. His promises and plans come alive as I study His words. He reigns in heaven and over the earth.  He walked on earth as Jesus the Christ, our redeemer and savior. When I said “yes” to his call He swirled around me and settled in my soul, setting it on fire.

He is peace, joy, love, compassion, father, friend, confidant, savior and more adjectives than I can ever dream up. My protector, a problem solver, advisor, doctor, shoulder to cry on, peacemaker and redeemer. He is beyond human description and yet I try because I love Him. I want everyone to know my wonderful God.

He forgives me on a daily basis and my sins are washed away…. Gone! Never happened! God doesn’t keep score, he only sees what I can be and loves me toward that goal. Who wouldn't want a friend like that!

He died a cruel death for me. It is amazing and unbelievable! To be loved so much….me, of all people. I am so humbled I don’t know what to do and God says, “it is easy, just give your heart to me.”

Now there is something I can do!

~Bonnie Wagner