God in a Box

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“Think outside of the box “is such a common expression in our culture.

I began to wonder just how often do we put God in a Box.  We can only think in terms as big as our available knowledge.  So we are very limited indeed, or at least I am.

What kind of boxes do we put God in?  Is He in our 'duty' box?  We only bring Him out on Sunday morning for worship and then slip Him back on the shelf for the rest of the week?

Maybe He is in a 'fear' box.  This can be a very large box for human fear can be overwhelming and enormous!  Yet if we have Him in this box He is of little use, for we refuse to let Him out. We hold tight to our troubles.

Do we have God in a 'me' or 'family only' box?  There are billions of people on this earth and millions and billions of types of boxes we can put Him in; all of which are ridiculously small and incomplete.  We need to think out of the box with new perspective, with greater love and a sense of endless bounty.  Make no mistake: it is we who have limited Him!

 We all put limits on our amazing, powerful, wonderful God each and every day.  I believe even the most devout soul can lose track, on occasion, of how big our God really is! I love the expression, “Telling God how big your problems are?  Try telling your problems how big your God is!”  Isn’t it sad that we somehow lose sight of this truth!

When things go wrong and we feel confused, when day upon day we feel there is no way out, when it feels that our friends have let us down or when illness threatens our bodies we need to open that box and let our saving Savior burst forth in glory.  In the morning as you watch the sun rise contemplate what is set in motion with the new day.  How the whole world spins and changes every second just for you and me; see the vibrant fall colors, watch the dark storm clouds build , smell a flower or let a snow flake land on your tongue and think how great is my God!  Can a small God create such magnificence?

  Even the tiniest details of a bee’s wing or the vastness of our universe have the ability to magnify God.  Both are equally mind boggling and mysterious.  God is in the details of all. The whirlpool galaxy, also known as M51, is one of my favorites now that I know it exists. The very existence of such as this blows my mind!  It lays 37 million light years away from earth.  One light year is a measurement of distance, not time.  Each light year represents nearly 6 trillion miles of space.  Just think of it!  As far as humans have been able to reach with telescopes only touches on the vastness of the universe that God has created!  Do you know what lies at the center of this far away galaxy?  At the very center in blazing clarity is the image of a cross.  Is it an accident?  How do you explain it?  I only know this; I have no box big enough to contain HIM!

He taught the stars how to shine; He commanded the waves to be still; He tells the moon to rise and He loves you and me more than all of this.  Let’s throw away all of our box images of our Master and Creator or use those very boxes to wrap gifts of love and service.  When things go wrong, and they will, let us remember-He is in complete control now and forever.

~ Bonnie Wagner