August is Here

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The month of August should not be on top of my calendar.  I know this because I had plans to go hiking in Turkey Run.  We were going to soak up some sun at Indiana Beach.  There were to be more days at Prophetstown and Columbia Park.  There are still Bratwursts to be grilled for when we were going to gather up our neighbors and friends for a big cook out.  What happened?

I can name the places we went: Shades, Red Bird, Wisconsin, Camp, St. Louis and more.  I can think of the time and activities:  4 days a week at the ballfield in June stuffing ourselves with the wonderful treats you can only find at a concession stand, a week of the orderly chaos which was VBS from which our kiddos are still singing songs and sharing stories, a week at a camp which has and is changing lives, random nights laughing with friends, many afternoons in swimming pools, and many rainy days watching movies, reading books or learning video games, another week in Appalachia learning of how life is lived with defiant joy against all odds, and so much more. I can put it all together logically, but I still feel as though it ought to be July.

The kiddos are now back at school and the demands of the fall schedule are here.  There are papers and deadlines and events and studies due now.  The squeeze of the summer's end and school's beginning beckons forth last gasp efforts to hang onto moments of summer - sometimes at great cost to the margin we so desperately need. The temptation is there beckoning me to flaunt the busyness and 'wait for the weekend,' but by God's grace I cannot and will not.

For while the pile of Summer's best intentions  are cleared out for the impending demands of Fall, I can truly say I am blessed to be right here, right now.  I am not 'too busy' - I am heavily invested in the matters my Heavenly Father and earthly family call me to.  There is a direction to the movement which brings great peace despite the tribulation of the not yet.  There is a wonderful weightiness to each moment lived in the expectancy of a God who will show up on Tuesday morning like He will on Friday night like He will on Sunday.  For though the sands of time pass too fast through my controlling grasp, God goes before and prepares a way.

So though my mind cannot yet agree to the month(which is now closer to September, ah!), I am so thankful I can lean into the graces of a God who loves me without end.  For I have failed to follow through on every plan, messed up in over scheduling, and wasted time in not doing enough this summer.  Yet our big God has met me every time I turned to Him, let me know I am loved, and from here forward has shown there is a way.  In this whispered promise I am blown away - bring on the Fall.

August is here, but so is our good God.

~Joseph Seger