Beautiful You

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As I sit here at our rental in Astor, Florida on this Monday morning.  I am at a loss for words to put to paper. I have checked my email and found many prayer requests.  Along with those pleas for prayer, I add the long list of prayer requests within my own family. Two days ago I learned that dear friends we attend church with at DeLeon Springs, lost their daughter by her own hands.  My heart is very heavy for them.  I can’t even wrap my mind around the concept of losing a daughter let alone her decision to end her life.

I am lost in a fog induced by life’s difficult journeys.  I have had my quiet time and prayer time and I sit here attempting to plan my day.  To somehow make it count, but sorrow lies over me and weakens my soul.  I once again glance through my emails and my eyes fall on an old email sent to me in God’s love, many months ago.  My son-in-law heard this song on the radio and sent a “YouTube” link to his friends and loved ones.  When I finely took the time to actually watch and listen, I was blessed beyond words, so much so that I have never even considered deleting it.

So once again, this morning, I clicked on the site, knowing full well that this had the power to lift my spirits.  As “Beautiful You” is sung by Trent Monk the most amazing slide show is displayed, mirroring the words with pictures.  As Trent rejoices in his beautiful God and the world He has created, I close my eyes and rejoice with him.  As Trent sings he repeats in the chorus, “All I ever wanted is to have you hold me in your arms”, I am reminded whose I am and I feel God enfolding me in His loving arms.  Those same arms I had somehow distanced myself from on this glorious day.

As the words slip through my head and into my heart I feel pleasure in the day I had not felt before. I open my eyes and there before me is a sight I am most blessed to see for 2 months each year. I gaze out at the St. John River passing by as it flows north just fifty feet away. It reflects the blue sky above and completes a picture of ever transitioning colors.  There is a warm breeze coming in from the south and the Spanish moss hanging from the surrounding trees gently sways.  There are birds everywhere and I hear their different chants; birds such as Woodpeckers, Crows, Great Blue Heron, Snowy Egrets, Pelicans, bright blue Kingfisher and the ever present whistle of the Osprey.

Yes God, beautiful you!  Your majesty and creations abound.  You teach the stars to shine, you demand the sun to rise, you cause the rain to fall and the wind to caress.  You are beautiful beyond description and I love you.  I am reminded of you wherever I look, whether In the eyes of a mourning mother or on a warm sunny day as today.  You are there ready to comfort and hold us in your mighty arms.  Oh, beautiful you!          

~Bonnie Wagner