His Divine Plan

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You are where God  can show up at this very moment.  Every experience  can become part of His divine plan.  

Several years ago I attended a large medical conference in Las Vegas.  I enjoy attending conferences, blending in with the crowd and soaking up information.  I spoke with exactly one other attendee during this particular conference.  While waiting for a lunch session to begin, the gentleman sitting next to me struck up a conversation.  The gentleman was a cardiologist, practicing in Wichita, Kansas.  What a small world, I said.  I’m grew up in a small town about 40 minutes north of Wichita.  Small as in no stoplights and no fast food restaurants.  The world got even smaller when Dr. Bajaj shared that he holds clinic days once a month in my hometown and counts as patients many of my family’s friends and neighbors. 

Fast forward a couple of years, to when I received a phone call from my dad.  “Your mom is in the hospital.  She had a heart attack.”  I booked a flight and began heading west, connecting through Chicago.  Mom was heading to the catheterization lab when my plane took off from Indianapolis.  When I landed in Chicago and turned on my phone, the text messages from my family started rolling by.  I saw “completely blocked LAD,” “got a stent,” and “the nurse said it was a good catch.”  I googled “blocked LAD” and quickly learned that the LAD, the left anterior descending coronary artery, is the main artery down the front of the heart.  A heart attack caused by a blocked LAD goes by another name: the widowmaker. 

I finally got the hospital and was able to see my mom.  It was then I discovered who her treating physician was.  Dr. Bajaj.  The doctor I’d spoken with in Las Vegas had saved my mom’s life.

It’s been almost three years since my mom’s heart attack.  She sees Dr. Bajaj regularly for checkups and the imaging of her heart shows no evidence of the heart attack.  Pretty amazing, really.

Of course, this isn’t an anecdote about Dr. Bajaj.  Or about my mom’s heart.  It’s a reminder that I was where God wanted me to be several years ago, when I met Dr. Bajaj in Las Vegas, and that it was no coincidence that I crossed paths with Dr. Bajaj again in a hospital in Wichita.  Every experience can become part of His divine plan.  We just need eyes to see it.

~Beth Hess