What Does It Mean?

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Years ago at a bible study, we were given many opportunities to express ourselves on paper.  Near the conclusion of this study we were asked,

“What does it mean to you that Jesus had the power to escape His circumstances but chose to endure suffering on the cross for our sake?”

Words began to pour out of me.  I quickly wrote them down and then I felt led to share my thoughts with you.

True love given freely is a gift beyond our ability to conceive.  Your family loves you and your friends love you!  Even this, if given proper concentration is a treasure we can not fully comprehend.  Think on this—this body, this shell, this heart is so lovely to someone that their emotions can not be contained and love pours out of them unrestrained.  It is a mystery and a gift beyond description.

If our human counterparts amaze us with their love, how much more amazing is a God who confined His Holiness and Power to a human body.  He who comes to us as a helpless babe and grows to be a man, with all human conditions, except sin.  He is not trapped.  He remains here with us, seated in wondrous love. He lived among us and bore all of life’s temptations. He could have escaped at anytime, but through love beyond comprehension, Jesus remained on this earth to bear our sins on the cross.

Jesus opened the door for anyone to come washed clean and spotless before the Lord.  Unhampered we sit at the foot of the very real Mercy seat with our prayers and petitions.  Jesus sits at God’s right hand interceding on our behalf.  Angels hover about, rejoicing and praising God, for we have come to the throne, loved and forgiven!

What does this mean to me, that Jesus would willingly give His life for me?  At this point I am left speechless and subdued.  How can I describe a love like that!  My heart melts and slips to the floor.  My knees buckle in disbelief!  My eyes blur over and tears slide unhindered down my face!

There is no love greater than love such as this.  Dear Jesus, I kiss your tortured body that you gave for me and I love you right back with a love I cannot put in words.         

As we come upon this season of Thanksgiving and Advent, I ask you to contemplate this same question and give your answer to God.  He is waiting.

In Christ’s love,

Bonnie Wagner