He calls us friends...

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November is here, ushering in the holiday season which means for some schedules full of events and lists of shopping. Others experience this time with sadness, remembered losses and  deepened loneliness. Whether it is a season of rejoicing or one of mourning, or a mixture of both as I often find, I am grateful to know that I will always be welcomed among friends at St. Andrew.

I don’t have to pass an entrance exam, I never have to pretend to have it all figured out. In fact, I openly share my brokenness and allow others to pray for me, minister to me, come along side me. I find I am better able to share my gifts when I am within this community, attending regularly and listening for opportunities to give back. I think those moments are the God nudges, the whisperings of our Father asking us to follow His son, to come and see.

Just as Jesus invited Andrew and then Andrew invited Peter in John 1:35-51 , we are all invited to participate in the greatest promise ever given, the only one that will ever count. We are invited to a table of thanksgiving available throughout every season, regardless of income, employment status, personal history. If you are looking for a home for the holidays or the everydays, come and see what God is doing at St. Andrew. Grace given freely, gifts shared wildly, radical hospitality offered to all who enter. It is always the season for loving whoever God brings alongside us.


~Lisa Eaker