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Time is a very precious commodity in our lives. Think about it...have you said or heard these recently, “I don’t have enough time to…I am just too busy...it's not worth the time...if only I had more time”?

As you think about it, are there many things more beautiful than someone who takes the time to support us in us life’s journey, to come along us in life's adventures, to listen to us, to pray for us, or to be present in our hours of need?

St. Andrew Church encourages each member to spend their time in support and encouragement of others within the church, within our communities, and in a world aching for love and mercy.

Jesus is the model we try to follow. We believe He was the Son of God but he spent his life giving his time to listen to and connect with real people so they may know God’s love and mercy extended to them. He often spent the most time with the most broken people.

The giving of one’s time is a double blessing: it blesses the person we invest in and it blesses the one who makes that time.

As you look at other areas of the website you will discover that we seek to make time to bless others. Do you want your time to be more meaningful?  Do you have a gift of time and attention that could bless another? 

If you do or would like to hear more about how St. Andrew comes alongside people with a timely investment, please contact us and we will share our time with yours.