Your Abilities

No two people are alike. God has made each of us uniquely in His image. We all have different abilities.  And here at St Andrew we are so blessed to have yours.  

Even though each person is unique, we have a common encouragement in the Bible: to use our talents and abilities in following Jesus to make a difference in the world.  Frederick Buechner once wrote about where to use our God-given abilities. He said to use them “where your deepest joy meets the deep needs of the world.”  As followers of Jesus, we are also given spiritual gifts (Romans 12), in addition to our common talents and abilities (if you have no idea what yours are - check out this spiritual gifts test).   We then use these gifts as a body uses each member (1 Corinthians 12) to build up the Church and minister to all. Every part of the body is needed for the health of the whole!

As you look at the St. Andrew web-site you will notice the presence of people putting their hands, skills, and time to use for the building up of God's Kingdom: leading youth, helping build houses for Habitat for Humanity, making meals for others, singing in choir, tutoring, sharing community space...the list goes on.

We believe here at St. Andrew you are essential in our ministry to one another and the community.  We want to come alongside you in support for the building of God's Kingdom and the transformation of the world.  Regardless of whether you are a jack of all trades or have been lied to and told you have nothing to offer - if you have been called here, we want to include you in our work or bring our support to your ministry.

If you are interested in opportunities to share your spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, skills, expertise, and passion for the glory of God, please contact us and we look forward to discerning with you where you can be deployed.  


Together, you and I and he and she and God - we can transform the world.


Your Time

Time is a very precious commodity in our lives. Think about it...have you said or heard these recently, “I don’t have enough time to…I am just too's not worth the time...if only I had more time”?

As you think about it, are there many things more beautiful than someone who takes the time to support us in us life’s journey, to come along us in life's adventures, to listen to us, to pray for us, or to be present in our hours of need?

St. Andrew Church encourages each member to spend their time in support and encouragement of others within the church, within our communities, and in a world aching for love and mercy.

Jesus is the model we try to follow. We believe He was the Son of God but he spent his life giving his time to listen to and connect with real people so they may know God’s love and mercy extended to them. He often spent the most time with the most broken people.

The giving of one’s time is a double blessing: it blesses the person we invest in and it blesses the one who makes that time.

As you look at other areas of the website you will discover that we seek to make time to bless others. Do you want your time to be more meaningful?  Do you have a gift of time and attention that could bless another? 

If you do or would like to hear more about how St. Andrew comes alongside people with a timely investment, please contact us and we will share our time with yours.




Having, First, gained all you can, and, Secondly saved all you can, Then "give all you can."  ~ John Wesley

Our financial blessedness comes from the opportunities God presents before us to earn money and our willingness to work hard, yet these efforts will be in vain if we do not also share the fruits of these labors.

We offer money back to Him who has given us all through the church and other charitable giving to be more like His Son who gave all and for a hurting world. This is done through financial gifts, offerings, tithes, and sacrifices.

St. Andrew strives to wisely and prayerfully spend every dollar we receive to support the ministries of our church and make a difference in the world. Every dollar has a purpose and a clear path of accountability.

We offer the opportunities below so you may respond faithfully and worshipfully to the God who calls you by name for the support of God’s Kingdom work through St. Andrew.

Methods of Giving

On Sunday

Offer your gifts of cash and checks in the offering plates passed during each of the Sunday services.

By Mail

Mail your gift to:

St. Andrew United Methodist Church
4703 N 50 W
West Lafayette, IN  47906

(make checks payable to "St. Andrew United Methodist Church")


Click here to donate online through Vanco Payment Solutions

Do not be alarmed when you see in your browser's address bar. The payment gateway Vanco Payment Solutions provides is hosted on this domain.

If you have any questions or concerns, please our contact our Financial/Office Asst.



Prayerfully consider having an impact through the ministries of St. Andrew for years to come through endowed, planned, and deferred giving.  If you feel so led, please contact Bob Sorenson ( for more information.

Giving Opportunities